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Multi Channel Sound Installation

Masters, Monks, Swamis recorded in deep silent meditation with binaural microphones placed in their ears.

Is it possible to understand who we are? What is the essence of this experience that we call life?


Inner silence is a work which reflects on a particular kind of silence, the one which is produced when someone seeks to listen to their own Being. That which transcends definitions in order to concentrate on what really defines us: the possibility of listening to ourselves without identifying with the cultural construct of what we are. 

By means of a binaural recording technique I have recorded spiritual leaders while they meditate. These are people who, due to years of spiritual exercise, have attained higher states of awareness, that go beyond their conditioning and mental bustle. A willingness of heart and mind to understand the human experience and the reality which transcends the world of phenomena.


The proposal of this work is to invite us to think of silence more as a possibility of encounter than as the result of a desire for suppression. Sounds that flow within and outside individual consciousness, and thus succeed in reconnecting them with the universal, primal emptiness that embraces us from the very beginning.

Concept and project direction : Sebastián Szyd

Binaural Microphones Settings: Sebastian Szyd

Mastering and mixdown: Rick Blything

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Listen with headphones for the binaural recording experience (extract from original recording)

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