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Color of  the sky

Light sculptures

Bodhgaya / RIshikesh / Varanasi / Pushkar

Over the centuries, thousands of pilgrims have journeyed to sacred places to contemplate the sunrise in search of hope. Spaces full of Presence, where it has come in the belief that it is possible to transform pain through the faith they carry in our hearts.


This urge to walk has arisen with humanity in its search for survival and to meet a need. Pilgrimage has granted movement a different meaning, impregnating the journey with a strong symbolic significance. The destinations of these travels have become geographies of the intangible, where the dividing line between the material and the spiritual dissolves. Concrete spaces where miracles coexist: the place where Buddha was enlightened, or a mountain with healing powers. Places in Sanskrit considered to be Thirtas, irradiating the power of millions of prayers. 


Direct images of the color of the dawn sky at such places, displayed specifically in formats designed for the concrete spaces where the work is presented, evoke the state of ecstasy generated by the repetition of a mantra. 


These images of dawn invite the viewer to share the collective experience, so that the accumulated strength of so many beings and the new day can offer those who contemplate them the possibility of belief. 

All photographs were made in sacred places at sunrise

Direct sky photographs: Sebastian Szyd

Installation concept: Sebastián Szyd 

Video editing: Blas Moreau

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