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Mirrors and Landscape

Puna and Quebrada de Humahuaca


Five hundred mirrors set out one by one in the landscape, like a ceremony, allow the projection of the sky to transform them at every moment throughout the day. History lives in the memory of the earth. Our passage through the world leaves scars on the age of the universe.

In the beliefs of the Andean people, open spaces between two contingencies are considered to be doorways towards magic, where the manifestation of the subtle world becomes possible. In their turn, these border spaces serve as receptacles for prayers and gratitude. For instance, in the Pachamama celebration where a pit is dug in the ground and offerings are made in appreciation of all we have received, or on the table set out to celebrate All Saints in remembrance of the beings who are no longer with us. Here space is not restricted solely to the perception of what is visible, but always reveals an absolute reality. 

These Site-Specific works are created in geographical points which are chosen for their symbolic weight and are carried out in the time spectrum between sunset and the appearance of the first stars. 

Thresholds that shelter bygone heartbeats and carry their promises in their reflection.

Concept and project direction : Sebastián Szyd

Production: Gabriel Diaz / Sebastián Szyd / Josefina Puch

Installation's photographs: Sebastian Szyd

Video: Blas Moreau / Sebastián Szyd

Editing: Sebastián Szyd

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