Black and white analog photographs

Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina

A series of images captured in the Andean villages of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, propose an exploration of the geographical and historical spine of the continent, its borders and political boundaries. 

This group of photographs seeks to draw a new map, a subjective one, that questions and investigates the reasons for identity and the sense of belonging in this region. Seeking answers from an inherited history. 

Listening to the voices that dream about it.

Black and white photographs: Sebastián Szyd

Book Concept and Sequence: Sara Facio / Sebastián Szyd

sebastian-szyd-libro-america-01 - copia.
sebastian-szyd-libro-america-02 - copia.


Publisher: Editorial Azotea

Editorial Director: Sara Facio

Sequence narrative: Sara Fascio Sebastián Szyd  

Photographs: Sebastián Szyd

Design: Oscar Pintor

Prologue: Héctor Tizón