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Trozo de glaciar / Hoja de algodón 

Glaciar Perito Moreno, Patagonia. Argentina



Glaciar Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina

Shards from a glacier, in this case from the Perito Moreno glacier situated in the Argentine Patagonia, are laid out on sheets of paper. They melt and evaporate as the hours pass, leaving a trace. Thousands of years and a block of ice draw just a subtle line carved by time. A trace that condenses in itself the story of a lifetime, of our lives. A trace made by the world.

The increase in global warming, the rise in the average temperature of the world’s atmosphere and that of the oceans are evident. The figures that demonstrate this are alarming and from every point of view (physical, geographical and historic) it is agreed that it is the action of human beings that has caused this. It is believed that 21 glaciers of the 46 on the UNESCO list will have disappeared by the year 2100, with obvious consequences for the future of humanity.

These giants of ice condense our time in their lives. Only if we understand how vital and fragile this balance between the world and our existence is, will we be able to revert the situation.


Do we realize this? How much can we do?

Let the response be now. 

This trace caused by the melting ice has been poetically expressed in other ways and in other arts, where it has been interpreted by artists and transformed into new experiences. An example of this is the performance danced by the Avellaneda Municipal Ballet in 2018.

Cotton Paper / Glaciar ice blocks.

Each work is an original piece. A glaciar block melted over the paper,  letting a trace made of the minerals contained within. 

Project manager: Sebastián Szyd

Production: Sebastián Szyd

Idea and essay proofs: Sebastián Szyd / Luis Gonzalez Palma

Traslados: The Budamovil

Case: Alejandro Peral

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Trozo de glaciar / Hoja de algodón 

Glaciar Perito Moreno, Patagonia. Argentina

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